Spokesperson and Information Officer
Dr. Gunakar Bhatta
Office-Tel: +977-1-4417497 (Ext:200)
Mob: +977-9851164200
Res-Tel: +977-1-4364200
Email: gunakarb@nrb.org.np

Media Release

 IFC Vice President Meets Governor Khatiwada 2070043058.86 kB
 IMF,WB representatives meet Governor Dr. Nepal97.81 kB
 IMF, SEAVEG Mission Meet Governor Dr. Nepal78.87 kB
 IMF Article IV Mission-2014 Meets Governor123.25 kB
 IMF Mission Meets Governor Dr. Nepal91.95 kB
 IMF Mission Wrap-up Meeting Concludes167.47 kB
 IMF Staff Visit Meets Governor Khatiwada 070061062.21 kB
 Inauguration of Corporate Office of Sangrila Development Bank94.57 kB
 Inauguration the SEACEN Training by Governor Dr Khatiwada116.42 kB
 Interaction Program on Effectiveness of Merger29.25 kB
 MOU Between FIU Nepal and AMLMA China   105.17 kB
 MOU Between FIU Nepal and AMLMA China105.17 kB
 Meeting Between Governor Khatiwada and ADB Vice President76.56 kB
 Meeting between NRB Governor Dr. Nepal and RBI Governor Dr. Rajan and BB Governor Dr. Rahman249.86 kB
 Meeting with BOC & CCB China   127.49 kB
 Meeting with BOC & CCB China127.49 kB
 Meeting with CBRC on Supervisory Relation   96.66 kB
 Meeting with CBRC on Supervisory Relation96.66 kB
 Monetary Policy Announcement Program-207192.52 kB
 Monetary Policy Announcement Schedule93.44 kB
 NIC ASIA Merger news38.55 kB
 NRB Media Release about news published in different newspapers   60.25 kB
 NRB Media Release about news published in different newspapers60.25 kB
 NRB Releases Monetary Policy 2072-7336.56 kB
 NRB Takeovers H and B Development Bank45.95 kB
 NRB Unveils Monetary Policy of FY 2071 7279.4 kB
 NRB clarification on Held for Trade Issue60.88 kB
 NRB unveils monetary policy for fiscal year 2070-7193.72 kB
 Nepal Bank Limited Management Related Release 2014 - 12 - 1490.96 kB
 Nepal FIU gets Membership of Egmont Group103.51 kB
 Nepal Rastra Bank, New Vice Chairman of APRACA104.22 kB
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